Is Gun Control A Religious Issue? The debate among Christians in the wake of the Aurora theater shooting

Over at HuffPost Religion, David Gibson writes:

On one level, this debate [about gun control among Christians] seems to represent a classic theological divide: There are those who argue that human beings should not try to supplant God’s role with their own efforts to redeem the world, and others who argue that believers have a duty to protect the God-given gift of life and human dignity.

On another level, however, the dispute illuminates the current realities of America’s political and religious life. The fact is, Americans of all persuasions have become increasingly opposed to gun control laws, despite the regular shooting rampages that have targeted houses of worship as well as movie theaters and military bases.

No surprise then that in his remarks on the Colorado shooting, President Obama — who might be seen as a champion of the “religious left” — has resisted calls to mention gun control and instead counseled the nation to realize that “such evil is senseless.”

Complicating matters politically is that conservative Christians who form the bulk of the anti-abortion movement are less enthused than almost everyone else about gun control.


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