The New Sexy? Those shocking bourgeois values

From the always interesting Glenn Harlan Reynolds, who blogs at Instapundit:

At any rate, we can hope that saving money, avoiding debt and treating friends and family with consideration are now edgy enough to become trendy.

And there’s some signs that they are. On Facebook the other day, I posted a Wall Street Journal story about how much harder the economic situation is for today’s college grads as compared to their parents’ generation. I got this response from a 20-something friend, a female former model but no princess:

“So the economy/government sucks and everyone is miserable, etc., etc. I am sorry. However, I am happier and making/saving more money than ever before. I have a few young friends who are down on their luck and are looking for work. I suggest to them that they get their CDL and drive trucks like me. . .

“My friends say ‘No, that’s too much work.’ I feel like my parents and their parents wouldn’t say that. They would have said, ‘Anything I can do, thanks for the tip.’ . . .

“Sometimes I feel like the young people I meet are lazy, entitled or just give up easily. . . but I have met a few adults like that too, so who knows. When things got bad, I didn’t sit around waiting for things to get better, I made it better for myself.”

Self-reliance — the new edgy lifestyle for the trendsetters among America’s youth? We can hope. Now if we can just do something about the politicians . . .


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