What We Talk About When We Talk About God by Rob Bell

Next Tuesday, Rob Bell’s new book comes out Tuesday, March 11. It’s titled What We Talk About When We Talk About God. I’ve pre-ordered it on Amazon kindle and hope to have a review out later next week.

In preparation for the book lunch, Rob released this book trailer:

I’m sympathetic to Rob’s argument that some Christians’ theology is wrong. And I too believe that God is with us and for us and pulling us into a better future than we can imagine. Though I imagine that advocates of complementarianism, a traditional understanding of hell, and a literal 7-day creation don’t like being singled out in this video. (For the record, I’ve criticized the universalistic slant of Love Wins here.)

For me, the test of Rob’s book is going to be how well and truly he marshals Scripture to make his points. I’m a bit worried that the whole this-or-that-theology-is-outdated-like-an-Oldsmobile line of thought evinced in this video is merely an instance of chronological snobbery. I hope I’m wrong on that, though. We’ll see.


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