Review of ‘The Black Ice: A Harry Bosch Novel’

The-Black-IceMichael Connelly, The Black Ice: A Harry Bosch Novel (New York: Little, Brown and Company: 1993). Hardcover | Paperback | Kindle

The Black Ice is Michael Connelly’s second novel feature LAPD homicide detective Hieronymous “Harry” Bosch. In it, Det. Bosch investigates the apparent suicide of a veteran narcotics officer named Calexico Moore. As Bosch delves deeper into the case, he is drawn across the border to Mexicali, where he uncovers layers of corruption and deception that shine an unpitying light on Moore’s apparent suicide as well as three other unsolved murders.

One of the benefits of reading series novels rather than one-offs is that we get to discover what makes the leading character tick. Here, we begin to see the roots of the loneliness and cynicism that stem from Bosch’s tragic family history. We also begin to see how those very same experiences push to uncover the truth and find the killer no matter what.

“I found out who I was.” That’s what Moore’s suicide note said. The Black Ice will show you who he was…and who Bosch is.


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