2021: A Year of Podcasts

In 2021, I recorded 33 episodes of the Influence Podcast with as many interviewees, most of them authors of books. Here’s a complete list of this year’s conversations!

If you have authors you’d like me to interview, or topics you’d like to hear about, let me know in the comments below.

239. Dr. Chris Carter, “The End Times and the Church’s Mission”

240. Dr. Jodi Detrick, “How to Settle Your Soul after an Unsettling Year”

241. Dr. Dick Brogden, “What does the Bible Say about Missions?”

242. Bishop Walter Harvey, “Celebrating the National Black Fellowship of the Assemblies of God”

243. Toni Nieuwhof, “Advice for Couples Considering Divorce”

244. Dr. Darnell Williams, “7 Steps to Diversifying AG Leadership”

245. Dr. Josh Packard, “Helping Youth Find Meaning, Identity, and Purpose”

246. Prof. Ryan Burge, “Everything Church Leaders Need to Know about Nones”

247. Craig Springer, “Evangelism for the Next Generation”

248. Mike Burnette, “Jesus’ Parables and Your Church’s Culture”

251. John Zick, “How to Help Youth Discern the Call to Ministry”

249. Peter Scazzero, “How to Handle Grief and Loss After COVID”

250. John Davidson, “Rethinking Your Church’s Ministries After COVID”

252. Shaila Visser, “How to Do Evangelism Online”

253. Eric Mason, “The Nature and Necessity of Urban Apologetics”

254. Matthew D. Kim, “How to Preach When People Are Suffering”

255. Ben Kirby, “Christian Faith in a Celebrity Culture”

256. Choco De Jesus, “Love Them Anyway”

257. Ryan Post, “How the Beatitudes Shape Discipleship”

258. Kara Powell, “How to Talk to Teens About Life’s Big Questions”

259. John Pearson, “How to Make Mistakes Well”

260. Preston Ulmer, “How to Help People Who Are Deconstructing Their Faith”

261. Scott Wilson, “Five Ways Effective Leaders Build Relationships”

262. Mike Burnette, “Effective Church Staff Transitions”

263. Jay Moon and Bud Simon, “Effective Intercultural Evangelism”

264. Mark Mittelberg, “Five Styles of Personal Evangelism”

265. Craig Keener, “An Empirical Case for Miracles”

266. Josh Packard, “Why Aren’t Young People Going to Church?”

267. Jeff Leake, “How Churches Can Multiply Themselves”

268. Timothy Laurito, “How to Help People Understand Glossolalia”

269. Mark Batterson, “How to Make (or Break) Any Habit”

270. Stephen Blandino, “Trading Easy Street for a Life That Counts”

271. Brian Noble, “How to Reconcile with Others”


All these podcasts are available on my Podcast page. here are previous years’ episodes:

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